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Beginner’s Guide for Consuming Edibles

Edibles are the preferred consumption method for many. They can offer a longer lasting experience, be consumed discreetly and come in a variety of forms and tasty flavors. However, edibles can be a bit intimidating to those who may have never tried them before or have had a negative experience in the past. Let’s break down how to consume edibles responsibly so you can enjoy the variety of products Union Chill has to offer!

Choose a comfortable environment and have a bud-dy

When consuming cannabis, it’s important to be in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. If it’s your first time taking an edible, it’s always good to have a bud-dy with you so you can both check in on each other along the way.

Start small and go slow

If you’ve never consumed before, or if you’re not an avid cannabis user, you may be wondering where to begin. First and foremost, buy from a licensed retailer, like Union Chill, and avoid unregulated products. Always start small until you have a sense of cannabis will affect you – we recommend our Blueberry Select Bites [10mg], Chill Blue Raspberry Soft Lozenges [10mg] or Bliss Tablets [5mg].

Because edibles are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, the activation is often longer than other consumption methods like smoking or vaping and the effects can last longer, too. It takes an average of 45 minutes, and sometimes up to several hours, to feel the full effects, and while effects usually subside after six to eight hours, sometimes the residual impacts can linger even longer. Always wait at least 2 hours before consuming any more edible products so you don’t overdo it. Patience is the name of the game!

Food and fluids are your friends

As we mentioned, edibles need to be processed through your digestive system. So, your experience will be impacted by what else and how much you’ve eaten that day. Make sure to take your first dose on a full stomach, and drink plenty of fluids to help your body process the effects of the edible.

Our budtenders are happy to guide you through our diverse range of products so you can find the right fit! Stop by our shop so we can connect you with the product that will offer you the experience that just feels right.