Union Chill Cannabis was founded with a unique mission, vision, and values — we strive to offer consumers a retail cannabis shopping experience that just feels right.


Redefining the future of the cannabis industry with customer-centric and education-focused services by advancing the role cannabis plays in people’s lives.


Union Chill Cannabis is an immersive, inclusive recreational cannabis dispensary founded in the heart of Lambertville, New Jersey. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an expert, the Union Chill Cannabis staff will help find the perfect product and personally curated experience for you. Our goal is to be recognized as one of New Jersey’s premier licensed adult-use dispensaries where education, integrity, and community are at the center of everything we do.



We value accountability in every aspect of the company.


Honoring our ties and commitments to every community we serve.

Environmental Stewardship

Commitment to continuous improvement, planning, and innovation for more sustainable industry practices.


Building and maintain trust through honest relationships and respectable business practices.


Breaking longtime stigmas and creating more educational dialogue around cannabis in our communities.


Commitment to holistic health and the role cannabis plays enhancing and improving people’s lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility/ Community Pillars

  • Indigenous Land Acknowledgement
  • Inclusion
  • Employment Opportunities for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Veteran, and Formerly Incarcerated Communities
  • Environmental Responsibility & Stewardship
  • Community Integration
  • Employee Affluence

We acknowledge that Union Chill Dispensary rests on Native American land that is part of the traditional territory of the Lenni-Lenape, called Lenapehoking.  We acknowledge the Lenni-Lenape as the original people of this land and their continuing relationship with their territory. During the colonial era and early federal period, many were removed west and north, but some also remain among the continuing historical tribal communities of the region: The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation; the Ramapough Lenape Nation; and the Powhatan Renape Nation, The Nanticoke of Millsboro Delaware, and the Lenape of Cheswold Delaware. We recognize their historic desire for harmony among the indigenous people of this land, descendants of immigrants, and descendants of the enslaved brought here forcibly, “as long as the rivers and creeks flow, and the sun, moon, and stars shine” (Lenape Chief Tamanend, https://nlltribe.com/land-acknowledgement/). We acknowledge that we work here and bear responsibility to engage meaningfully in relationship with the tribal community of the Lenni-Lenape people on their homeland.