Union Chill and Prevention Resources Partner to Encourage Safe Cannabis Storage

Lambertville, NJ – Prevention Resources is excited to announce its partnership with Union Chill Cannabis Company, a cannabis dispensary dedicated to customer-centric and education-focused services. Together, they aim to advocate for the safe storage of cannabis products within the community. As the legalization of cannabis opened adult consumption in New Jersey, ensuring responsible consumption practices … Read more

Food Drive in Memory of Union Chill’s Late Co-Founder, Laurie McHugh, Supports Bucks County Housing Group’s Food Pantries

Memorial Food Drive Aims to Raise $59,000 in Recognition of Laurie’s 59th Birthday Lambertville, NJ – In recognition of the birthday of Union Chill Cannabis Company’s co-founder, Laurie McHugh, Union Chill is supporting the Laurie McHugh Memorial Food Drive and encouraging others to do the same. McHugh, a pillar of the community and advocate for … Read more

Union Chill Leads Lambertville Clean-Up in Spirit of Earth Day

Lambertville, NJ – Union Chill Cannabis Company, Lambertville’s premier locally-owned dispensary, organized a city-wide clean-up event on Earth Day (April 22). The team of Union Chill employees successfully collected 19 bags of trash from around the Delaware River, including near Alexauken Creek, Lambertville Station parking lot, Swan Creek and the boat deck area. Some of … Read more

Union Chill Dispensary Throws Epic 4/20 Bash During Lambertville’s Annual ShadFest™ Celebration

Lambertville, NJ – Union Chill Cannabis Company, Lambertville’s premier locally-owned dispensary, is lighting up the room with its very first 4/20 celebration, including giveaways, a food truck, various sales promotions and special access to ShadFest™, Lambertville’s art, fish and food festival, via shuttle. Set for April 20-21, ShadFest™ attracts hundreds of locals and visitors from … Read more

What is Cannabis Live Resin?

Considered one of the highest quality cannabis extracts, live resin or live resin sauce is a type of concentrate known for its intense flavor and scent. Live resin differs from distillate concentrates in that it is made from cannabis flower flash frozen right after harvest, rather than dried and cured. This helps maintain cannabinoids and … Read more