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Explore Edibles: A Preferred Choice for Discreet and Controlled Consumption

For newcomers to the cannabis world, it’s common to associate cannabis with smoking. However, edibles have emerged as a preferred choice among many cannabis users. These include food and drink products infused with cannabis, available in many forms such as baked goods, gummies, chocolates and drinks. Their reliable and precise dosing makes them great for cannabis newbies, while their diverse range appeals to seasoned stoners. In today’s everchanging cannabis landscape, edibles are also rising in popularity as alternatives to smoking or vaping, due to their discreet nature and lack of inhalation risks.

Edibles offer users several benefits and advantages over other consumption methods. For those using cannabis for health purposes, edibles have much longer-lasting effects compared to smoking. They also tend to produce more intense effects. Due to this intensity and duration, Union Chill recommends waiting two hours after your first dose before consuming more. Since it typically takes 45 minutes to a few hours to feel the effects, always plan accordingly when using edibles and avoid overconsumption.

Whether you’re just embarking on your cannabis journey or simply exploring new horizons, Union Chill is proud to offer a selection of edibles worth savoring:

  1. Camino + Camino Sours

If you haven’t indulged in Camino soft lozenges yet, consider this is your sign to give them a try! Camino + Camino Sours come in a variety of flavors and strains, each offering unique effects and benefits. These fruity and sour gummies are loved far and wide for their delicious taste and versatility, with something to suit every preference and occasion. Union Chill is stocked with a full array of strains – “Social” and “Uplifting” are our personal favorites – all available in stores and online.

BONUS: If you’ve already enjoyed the variety of Camino soft lozenges and are craving something new, we recommend trying Gron Pearls, sugar-coated gummies with options for both daytime and nighttime.

  • LEVEL Tablets

Tablets are an excellent option for those seeking a healthier edible choice or discreet, on-the-go consumption. Typically odorless, easy to carry and containing minimal to no calories, tablets also tend to have a longer shelf life than other edibles as they are less prone to spoilage.

Union Chill offers four varieties of LEVEL tablets – Hybrid, Indica, Sativa and Lights Out (an indica specially crafted to promote sleep).

  • Zoobies Midnight Fruit

Introducing the ultimate sleep aid – Zoobies Midnight Fruit are an affordable, berry-flavored edible designed for those with sleep difficulty and insomnia. It contains 0.98mg of Cannabinol, a cannabinoid known for its sedative properties. We recommend taking one gummy 45 minutes before bedtime to ensure a night of uninterrupted, restful sleep.

  • Select Squeeze

Edibles aren’t always gummies, baked goods and tablets! Cannabis-infused drinks are another great option for those who wish to consume discreetly and experience a faster activation time than traditional edibles. Try adding one or two drops of Select Squeeze Hint of Sweet to any drink (preferably soda or juice) for a little extra sweetness and a boost of calm, happy sensations. Like all edibles, it is important to start low and slow to avoid consuming too much.

Union Chill budtenders are happy to help you explore our extensive selection of products, each with its own distinct benefits and effects, so you can find the perfect match for your individual needs. Stop by our shop so we can connect you with the product that will offer you the experience that just feels right.